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Sweater Consumption & costing

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Please find below a comments & its answer which is related with sweater consumption

RAHMANJan 18, 2012 09:19 AM

Pls tell me , how can i consumption for sweater yarn per dozen ?. and show me sweater consumption formula ?.


tamimFeb 15, 2012 05:47 AM

Dear Bipul Bhai

Seeking your permission for allow me to share the answer of Mr. Rahman's Question . if i make any mistake pls correct it .

Sweater don’t have solid or finished fabric like Woven & knit item, by linking one yarn with another the shape of the different part of sweater is made. so that there is no such consumption formula for sweater like knit & woven item .

For costing of sweater, we need to make a sample first as per customer required style, measurement & weight . It is wise to make the sample following the middle size of customer spec. Then weight that sweater & multiply the weight with 12 pcs to know the weight of per dozen sweater. Then add wastage percentage (Generally we calculate 10-20% wastage based on styling). This way we can found the sweater consumption

In the view of above the sweater costing formula will be like as below….

= Yarn weight (in LBS / dzn Garments ) + wastage X price of yarn /lbs 

= Result of usable total yarn  cost

Costing :-

  1.  Yarn :- Total usable Yarn cost/dzn 
  2.  Add total Accessories cost /dz 
  3.  Add Print/Emb.(If any) / dz 
  4.  Add Zipper cost (If any) / dz
  5. Add Button cost (If any) / dz
  6. Add CM (CM based on styling and gauge) /dz
  7. Add Commercial cost / dz
  8. Add Profit /dz
Then divided the price / 12 Pcs & you will get price / pc

Example: -

Weight of following sweater is 8 lbs/ doz (12 GG basic Style)
Wastage is 12% of total weight = 0.96 lbs / doz
Yarn price  is $4 /lbs
Basic Accessories cost is: $5 / doz
Print cost : $ 0.65 / doz
Zipper + button cost : $1 / doz
CM : $28 / doz
Commercial cost : $2 / doz

Now the costing formula will be 

=  (Total usable yarn in lbs + 12% wastage ) X Yarn price/lbs + Accessories cost + Print cost + Zipper & button cost + CM + Commercial cost

= (8 lbs + 0.96 lbs ) X $4 + $5 + $0.65 + $1 + $28 + $2

=  8.96 lbs X $4 + $5 + $0.65 + $1 + $28 + $2

=  $35.84 + $5 + $0.65 + $1 + $28 + $2

= $ 72.49 / dozen

Then divided by 12,   

$ 72.49 /12 Pcs  

$ 6.04/pc FOB .

Now add your profit & submit the quotation to buyer. 

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  1. Dear Bipul Bro

    I am regular viewer of your blog. I am a Merchandiser one of the buying house. At this moment I need your help.

    I need to make consumption of 95% viscose and 5% lycra but problem is that how can I do make consumption separately of viscos and lycra.

    Pls advise the best formula and procedures,

    Also Pls advise all types of Dye and differentiation. And characteristics of dye

    Specially Reactive dye, Over Dye, Garments dye, Pigments dye.

    How can I understand which garments are which dye and symptoms.

    Pls advise the best techniques and Symptoms.

    Another Question is washing: Pls advise types of wash and washing symptom.

    How can I understand washing quality and differentiation which wash are which garments used.

    Pls help and advice by your great knowledge. I know these are wasting your valuable time. Thanks

    I am waiting for your reply.
    Best Regards

  2. Thank you very much to share with us in details .


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