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Short details of Trims list.

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We know the main and most important things of a garments are fabric. Correct fabric booking is very important for apparel merchandiser. Print & embroidery are also very important for garments. However, except these items we also use so many items in garments. Today I will describe you a short details of these important items. This is also very important for apparel merchandising.

Trims: During the making and exporting process of a garment we use many kinds of items other then Fabric, Print & Embroidery. We called these items as trims. Trims cover all the items used in the garment except the basic fabric. There are hundreds of items used to manufacture the garments, Proper selection of trims and its quality are very important for styling, otherwise the garment may be rejected or returned by the customers.

Please find below a short list that covers some names of the trims:

1. Sewing thread: The main & most common trims are sewing thread. Normally buyer asked the matching color sewing thread. In garments production normally we used 100% spun polyester thread, 100% cotton thread, Filament thread etc. The polyester thread shade is color fastness. Tensile strength. Elasticity, Shrinkage, Moisture Regain, abrasion, Resistance etc these are some quality of sewing thread. 50/2 is the most common count sewing thread normally we use it in T-shirt. 40/2 & 40/3 count sewing thread is also available in market. Normally we use these thicker thread in heavy garment like as sweat shirt, jacket, trouser etc. The price of 40/2 yarn is higher than 50/2.

2. Zipper: From the zipper factory we can get various kind of zipper. We can categorize the zipper by following points as mentioned below

a) Teeth: Nylon teeth, Vislone teeth, Metal teeth etc.

b) Color: Tape color, Teeth color.

c) Size: #3, #5 & #8 etc.

d) Function: Auto lock, Semi auto lock, Hidden zipper, reversible, Open end (O/E), Close End (C/E) etc.

e) Length: As per requirement 18 cm, 66 cm etc.

3. LABELS: Main, Size, Care (Polyester care label & Nylon or paper care label), Content, price, patch etc

4. BUTTON : Pearl plastic button, 02 hole button, 03 hole button, 04 hole button, custom button shape, Horn button, Shang button, Metal button, logo button, non logo button etc.

5. ELASTIC : Cotton elastic, Polyester elastic, 400 denier, 700 denier, 1 cm width, 1.5 cm width, 3 cm width etc.

6. EYELET : Antique, Matching color, Matt silver, Antique Silver, 22 mm dia, with logo or w/o logo, emboss logo, engraved logo etc.

7. SNAP BUTTON: Snap button, press button, 4 part snap button, male part of snap button, female part of snap button, antic color, Silver color, matching color.

8. VELCRO : Hook & Pile, Matching color.

9. STRING/CORD : Cotton, Polyester etc.


11. Tag pin: Clr – White, black, transparent, 3 cm, 6 cm, 8 cm, 12 cm etc.

12. TAGS : Price tag, Hand Tag, Brand Tag etc.  

13. STICKER : Hook & Pile etc.

14. HANGER: BDS hanger, t-hanger, 28 cm, 34 cm, Transparent, Semi transparent, Solid color etc.

15. Hanger size ring: Size ring of hanger, Size print etc.

16. POLYBAG (0.80 mm) : Strength : Chemical Mixture. Thickness (micron/mm: 1mm = 1000 micron) Elasticity Transparent, LDPE (Low Density Poly Ethylene), PP (Poly Propylene), Adhesive, with hole, warning, size, recycle logo etc.

17. BLISTER BAG (.05 mm): Loaded capacity is higher than polybag


19. GUMTAPE: With logo print, none logo, Khaki color, transparent color.

20. CARTON: 3ply, 5ply, Size (L,W. H), gum pasting, PP belt, metal stitching, divider, bottom, shipping mark etc.

21. Interlining : Crash lining, soft lining, Hard lining etc.

22. Silica: For controlling the moisture in the carton. 

23. Shoulder tape: Cotton, Polyester etc.

Above list just for a Idea not a complete list. There are so many items are still remain. I will try to describe more details regarding the above items very soon.


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  1. Very helpful article on apparel merchandising. Expecting more posts and regular updates. Thanks for sharing.


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