Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Introduction to fully fashioned knitwear (Part 02)

Presented by: Rashedul al rashid
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Fully Fashion Knitwear

What is fully fashioning?

Fully fashioning is a method/ technique of shaping a knitted structure by increasing or decreasing the number 

What are the advantage and disadvantage of fully fashioning?
  • Cost effective (less manpower in design and pattern section)
  • Zero wastage (least amount of wastage)
  • Sealed edge garments or quality edge garments (no raw edge because edges are not being cut)
  • Low volume production (because of time consuming in increasing or decreasing needles)

What is textile?
Anything that can be originated or generated from fiber is called textile.
  • In narrow sense fiber to fabric production is textile.
  • In greater sense fiber to clothing is textile.

What is clothing?
Anything that is wearable is clothing. Or Anything which is ready to wear.
  • Circular knitting: The knitting machine where needles are arranged in circular way. Two types of needle bed are used in circular knitting. These ares-
  1. Dial needle bed (needles set in horizontal way like dial of the clock) &
  2. Cylinder needle bed (needles set in vertical way like cylinder)
  • Flatbed knitting: The knitting machine where needles are arranged in flat way is called flatbed or V-bed.
  • Dia: Maximum distance inside the circular.
  • Gauge: Gauge indicates the thickness.
  • Integrated means seamless in whole garments which is manufactured by Shima Seiki Japan machine. Typically, a knitted garment consists of separate parts--the front and back body panels and the sleeves--which are sewn together afterward. In sharp contrast, Shima Seiki's revolutionary WHOLEGARMENT knitwear is produced in one entire piece, three-dimensionally, directly on the knitting machine.

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