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Bangladesh: Commodity-wise export receipts (Excluding EPZ)

In classification of Export Receipts by Commodities it is revealed that Exports Receipts in the quarter Jul.-Sep.,2019 increases in Readymade Garments by Tk. 12833 million (of which Knitwear increases by Tk. 19094 million and Woven Garments decreases by Tk. 6261 million), Leather & Leather Manufactures by Tk. 2228 million (of which Leather decreases by Tk. 587 million and Leather Manufactures increases by Tk. 2815 million), Home Textile by Tk. 1971 million, Fish, Shrimps and Prawns by Tk. 1695 million (of which Fish decreases by Tk. 116 million and shrimps and prawns increases by Tk. 1811 million), Vegetable Products by Tk. 1284 million (of which Tea decreases by Tk. 51 million) and Bicycle by Tk. 19 million over the previous quarter. On the other hand, Export Receipts decreases in Petroleum and Petroleum Product by Tk. 820 million, Plastic & Plastic products by Tk. 706 million, Jute & Jute Manufactures by Tk. 98 million (of which Raw jute increases by Tk. 193 million and Jute Manufactures decreases by Tk. 291 million), Handicrafts by Tk. 88 million, Terry Towel by Tk. 73 million & Pharmaceutical Products by Tk. 3 million and Fertilizer remain unchanged over the previous quarter.

Table-II.A: Export Receipts of Bangladesh by Major Commodity
(In million US$)
Major CommodityJuly-September, 2019April-June, 2019July-September, 2018Changes


Amount% of AAmount% of AAmount% of A
      Readymade Garments653986.0639286.5623985.5147300
      a) Knitwear372549.0350247.4353048.4223195
      b) Woven Garments281437.0289039.1270937.1-76105
      Jute & Jute Manufactures1962.61982.71912.6-25
      a) Raw Jute230.3210.3340.52-11
      b) Jute Manufactures1732.31772.41572.2-416
      Fish, Shrimps and Prawns1011.3811.11121.520-11
      a) Fish180.2190.3150.2-13
      b) Shrimps and Prawns831.1620.8971.321-14
      Leather & Leather Manufactures1722.31462.01752.426-3
      a) Leather260.3330.5400.6-7-14
      b) Leather Manufactures1461.91131.51351.93311
      Home Textile1261.71031.41061.52320
      Vegetable Products430.6280.4300.41513
      (Of which Tea)
      Plastic & Plastic Products170.2250.3200.3-8-3
      Petroleum & Petroleum Products00.0100.1120.2-10-12
      Terry Towel40.150.150.1-1-1
      Pharmacetical Products270.4270.4230.304
      A. Sub-total7602100.07394100.07294100.0208308
      B. Exports of EPZ14270.015460.014450.0-119-18
      Grand Total:(A+B)90290.089400.087390.089290
Note : Export Receipts figure of "Vegetable Products" and "Plastic & Plastic Products" are included from quarter July-September, 2018.


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