Wednesday, August 3, 2011

E (Abbreviation of some word which used in textile sector)

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earflap a warm covering for the ears, especially an extension on the lower edge of a cap that may be folded up or down
earmuff  one of a pair of ear coverings connected by a flexible band and worn as protection against cold or noises
earth tone  any of various rich colors containing some brown.
earthy  suggestive of the earth as in color.
ebon  ebony.
ebony  black, dark.
ecru the colour of fibres, yarns or fabrics that have not been subjected to processes affecting their natural colour.
eggplant  a dark grayish or blackish purple.
eggshell  yellowish white.
Egyptian cotton  long staple variety from Egypt with fiber length averaging 1 3/8".
eiderdown  a soft lightweight clothing fabric knitted or woven and napped on one or both sides.
elastic an elastic fabric usually made of yarns containing rubber.
embroidery  ornamental needlework on fabric either by hand or by machine. embroidery related terms
emerald brightly or richly green.
emerald green any of various strong greens.
empire waist  waist which begins immediately below the bust.
endfold (labelfinishing is ideal for labels which will be sewn on two sides or four sides.  This label type secures the cut ends of the label to prevent fray and is highly recommended for exterior applications or uses where the label will be subjected to harsh treatment.  Endfold finishing has the added characteristic of adding body to a label and in so doing enhances its general appearance at a nominal extra charge
epaulet  something that ornaments or protects the shoulder:  An epaulet is an ornamental fringed shoulder pad formerly worn as part of a military uniform.  An epaulet can also be an ornamental strip or loop sewn across the shoulder of a dress or coat.
ephod  a linen apron worn in ancient Hebrew rites, especially a vestment for the high priest
eponge (souffle)  wool, also rayon and silk.  Derived from the French term eponge for "spongy". Very soft and spongelike in a variety of novelty effects with loose weave of about 20 x 20.  Also known as ratine in cotton.  Rayon and silk is soft, loose, and spongy, something like terry cloth. Does not have surface loops.  Many stores now call eponge "boucle".
erp is an acronym for Enterprise Resources Planning.  Which means, a business strategy that helps an apparel company manage their key sectors of activity, namely, purchasing, inventory management, suppliers, customer service, and order tracking.  ERP can also be applied to finance and human resources.  An ERP system is typically based upon a number of software modules integrated with a relational database.
espadrille a sandal usually having a fabric upper and a flexible sole
esparto   stipa tenacissima, a coarse grass grown in Southern Spain and Northern Africa, containing short fibers which are usually extracted by alkaline pulping processes. Esparto pulp is most often used in the production of book papers.  Esparto is also known as alfa, Esparto grass and Spanish Grass.
etamine a light cotton or worsted fabric with an open mesh.
eton collar a large stiff turnover collar
eton jacket a short black jacket with long sleeves, wide lapels, and an open front
eyeshade a visor that shields the eyes from strong light and is fastened on with a headband

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