Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Zipper Categories by Functions

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Category of Zipper

Different kinds of zipper are used for different process and item. Such as Jacket, Sweat shirt, Denim Pants, Jogging suit, Sweater etc. Many times buyer asked for different type of zipper based on their garments item.

Mainly we can categorize the zipper in 02 (two) option

1)      By Materials.

2)      By Function.

Zipper Categories by Functions:

1)    Close-end zippers.
2)    Open-end Separator zippers.
3)    Two-way Separator.
4)    Zipper with Double Sliders (Head-to-head)
5)    Zipper With Double Sliders (Bottom to bottom)

Close-end zippers are non-separating and are normally opened and closed with a slider. The bottom stop is made up of a single part and doesn’t allow complete separation of the chain. These zippers are used on trousers, jeans, bags, boots, etc.

Open-end (separating) zippers have separated ends. The ending part is joined by a box and pin mechanism provided on the lower end of the zipper. The zippers are closed using sliders, and are normally used on jackets and other outerwears.

Two-way separating zippers have separated ends as well. The bottom slider allows movement from the bottom of the zipper. These zippers are used in rainwears, sportswear’s, and sleeping bags.

Two-way head to head zippers have two sliders at the center of the chain when the zippers are closed. Head to head zippers can be opened by pulling the sliders towards the stops, but cannot be separated because the ending parts have two stops that cannot be divided. These zippers are mainly used for bags, backpacks, and luggages.

Two-way tail to tail zippers have sliders on opposite ends when the zipper is closed. These zippers can be opened by pulling the sliders towards each other, but cannot be separated. They are used for overalls


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